About ABBY

HOWDY FRIEND! Let's get acquainted. I'll get straight to the facts!

  1. I live in Kansas City, but I'm ALWAYS looking for an adventure. I spend too much of my time on Google flights and Airbnb.
  2. When asked what my favorite food is, I can NEVER choose. You are looking at a major foodie!
  3. Why yes, I am a coffee addict. Aren't all photographers?
  4. My spotify playlist has too many genres to count. Anything from rap to folk music, it's on there.
  5. I graduated w/ a degree in Advertising and a minor in Digital Media from Pitt State! GO-RILLAS!
  6. I am a Kansas girl through and through. Despite all of my adventures, something has always led me back here and I am a proud Midwesterner.

I'll be honest. A little over a year ago - when I decided to take Abigail Lynne Creative from hobby to business, I could have never imagined how it would go. Heading into 2022, I'm learning to be more vulnerable with my work, to take risks, and to be confident in the art I'm creating. Saying you're a freelancer/photographer/business owner is one thing, but to claim yourself as an artist is another!

To work with me is to gain a friend. My goal is to always make people feel like the best version of themselves. I want those who put their trust in me to leave with not only a refreshing experience, but photos that elaborately and authentically tell their story.